Maple Grove Cemetery (Boonville, Ind.)

Maple Grove Cemetery is located at 1400 South 3rd Street in Boonville, Indiana. This cemetery is the largest in Warrick County, Indiana. Many of the records for those buried here were maintained by Jim Miller, who owned the Miller 5 and 10 store on the Boonville Square. Taking a handwritten list prepared by his father, Jim converted the list to an Excel sheet and shared it with the SUVCW.

Block 1

Row Marker Name Image
1 FM Private George W. Cady

  • 136th Indiana Infantry Regiment
  • George W. Cady
    George W. Cady
    1 FM Eugene Rogers (coming soon)
    1 FM Ben Zehnle
    (next to Ed West)
    (coming soon)
    FM William Z. Selby
    (on Schafer lot)
    (coming soon)
    3 FM Thomas E. Downs (coming soon)
    3 George R. Husk
    (base only, nw corner)
    (coming soon)
    3 FM Marion Johnson (coming soon)
    3 FM John C. Shafer (coming soon)
    3 FM Inez Crowder (coming soon)
    3 FM George W. Mills (coming soon)
    4 FM Fred J. Katterjohn (coming soon)
    4 GM Thomas B. Seavers (coming soon)
    4 FM Thomas Benton Perigo (coming soon)
    4 FM Pleasant Whittinghill (coming soon)
    5 FM Charles Bohrer (coming soon)
    5 FM Frank Harrison (coming soon)
    7 FM Moses Shaul (coming soon)
    7 FM Eli Williams (coming soon)
    8 FM L.H. Fleming (coming soon)
    8 FM George E. Houghland (coming soon)
    9 FM Edward Gough (coming soon)
    12 GM Alfred Lockhart (coming soon)
    12 GM Lewis M. Scales (coming soon)
    13 FM Isaac Vote
    (next to Emma)
    (coming soon)
    14 FM James McConnell (coming soon)
    16 FM Private John Thomas Bethel

  • 120th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment
  • His parents were among the early pioneers of Warrick Co.
  • (coming soon)
    16 FM William Gerhardt (coming soon)
    16 FM James D. Kiper (coming soon)
    17 FM Dr. S.L. Tyner (coming soon)
    18 FM Luther (Hilly) Masters (coming soon)

    Block 2

    Row Marker Name Image
    4 GM Ben Fuller (coming soon)
    4 GM James Wright (coming soon)
    FM Martin Harmon
    (family marker; he is the father)
    (coming soon)
    7 GM James Lasni
    (south end)
    (coming soon)
    7 GM Thomas Stanton (coming soon)
    8 GM Mark Blackford (coming soon)
    8 FM Thomas Ingle (coming soon)
    8 FM William McCool (coming soon)
    10 FM James McCulla (coming soon)
    10 GM William Mobias (coming soon)
    10.5 FM Daniel DeFores (coming soon)
    11 FM Harmon Vote (coming soon)
    13 FM William Long (coming soon)
    13 FM/GM G.T. York (coming soon)
    15 GM John A. Reynolds (coming soon)
    17 Robert Hudson (coming soon)
    18 FM Jeff Baker (coming soon)
    18 FM James R. Bates (coming soon)
    18 FM Dr. William Barker Sr. (coming soon)

    Block 3

    Row Marker Name Image
    4 FM John S. Murray (coming soon)
    4 FM Mike Stanton (coming soon)

    Block 4

    Row Marker Name Image
    1 FM Henry Krusenklaus (coming soon)
    2 FM Charles W. Armstrong (coming soon)
    8 FM Charles C. Mattewson (coming soon)
    9 FM Charles Dillingham (coming soon)
    9 FM Dr. William Ralston (coming soon)
    11 FM William J. Hargrave (coming soon)
    13 FM Henry W. Tanner (coming soon)
    12 FM William Swint (coming soon)
    12 GM J.W. Youngblood

  • 53rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment
  • (coming soon)

    Block 5

    Row Marker Name Image
    1 FM A.B. (coming soon)
    1 FM J.W.B (coming soon)
    1 FM Isaac Shelby (coming soon)
    2 FM/GM James B. Moore (coming soon)
    2 FM Sylvester S.S. Brashears (coming soon)
    3 FM Dr. Thomas J. Lamar (coming soon)
    5 FM Ephraim Broshears (coming soon)
    7 FM J. Frank Masters (coming soon)
    8 FM Levi Baker (coming soon)
    8 GM Jordan Vincent (coming soon)
    8 FM George L. Masters (coming soon)
    11 FM Charles F. Picker (coming soon)
    13 (no stone) A.J. Alton (coming soon)
    13 FM Alfred Billups (coming soon)
    13 FM Charles F. Wertz

  • City Marshall
  • (coming soon)
    14 FM Dyer B. Hazen (coming soon)
    14 FM Ben F. Small (coming soon)
    15 FM/GM Commodore Kelly (coming soon)
    15 FM Thomas Jefferson Peters (coming soon)
    17 FM Dr. Charles Parke (coming soon)
    17 FM J.E. Webb (coming soon)
    18 FM G. Frank Lawhead (coming soon)
    9 FM Nicholas (Wick) Allen (coming soon)
    9 FM William H. Allen (coming soon)

    Block 6

    Row Marker Name Image
    4 FM Joe Trimble (coming soon)

    Block 7

    Row Marker Name Image
    2 FM O.L. Dimmett (coming soon)
    2 FM John W. Toole (coming soon)
    4 FM Marion Condit (coming soon)
    5 GM William I. Kelly (coming soon)
    7 FM/GM Absolum Brady Hudson (coming soon)

    Block 8

    Row Marker Name Image
    5 GM (sunk) Ben Hemenway (coming soon)
    5 FM Ed M. Meece (coming soon)
    5 FM William Powell (coming soon)
    9 FM William Ferguson (coming soon)
    12 FM Sam T. Lowe (coming soon)
    15 FM Mark Houghland (coming soon)
    15 FM John T. Kelly (coming soon)
    16 FM/GM Carson August McConnell (coming soon)